Maximilian Moll



Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moll

Universität der Bundeswehr München

Challenges and Perspectives of Quantum Optimization in Complex Cyber Operations- Research, Practice & Training


Quantum Computing is a new and promising technology at the verge of applicability. And while there are many implications for encryption and communication standards, this talk will focus on the impact on complex cyber operations by considering three important topics. First, an overview over the current stage of research, algorithms and key ideas will be given. An emphasis will be placed on connections to established approaches in optimization, supervised learning and reinforcement learning. These will be contrasted with the obstacles that would need to be overcome during the transition from inspiration to realistic application. Finally, the talk will discuss the preparation of a new generation of developers, experts and decision makers for the interaction with this unusual technology, its mechanisms and suitable tools.


About the Speaker

Maximilian Moll holds the Junior professorship for Prescriptive Analytics - Operations Research at the Universität der Bundeswehr München. His research and project activities focusses on reinforcement learning and quantum computing. His particular interest is on combinations with classical methods of operations research as well as application opportunities to prescriptive analytics. Maximilian Moll leads the research group “Data-driven Aviation Management” at Munich Aerospace and the working group “Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems” of the German Society for Operations Research.