Arnold Dupuy



Arnold Dupuy

Department of Political Science, Virginia Tech, U.S.A.

Energy Security in the Era of Hybrid Warfare: Findings Presentation


In July 2020, the NATO Science and Technology Board authorized the formation of Systems Analysis and Studies (SAS)-163, a research task group dedicated to the study of the confluence of energy security and hybrid warfare. Considering the recent events in Ukraine, a prerelease of key findings was requested. This document consolidates the vast data accumulated in the conduct of the study and to synthesizes it into a concise list of vulnerabilities and actionable mitigations.


About the Speaker

Retired from the United States Army after 25 years of both active and reserve component service. In 2016, Dr. Dupuy completed a Ph.D. in Planning, Governance and Globalization at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). His dissertation title is: “Changing Patterns of Regionalism and Security in the Wider Black Sea Area: The Transformative Impact of Energy.”

Dr. Dupuy is a faculty member on the Naval Postgraduate School’s Energy Academic Group. Separately, he is Chair of the Systems Analysis and Studies (SAS) 163, “Energy Security in the Era of Hybrid Warfare,” a NATO Science and Technology Organization program to study hybrid warfare‘s impact on energy security and Alliance cohesion. Other topics of interest include geo-political aspects of energy security within the Trans-Atlantic Alliance, as well as the INDOPACOM area of responsibility. He is an adjunct professor of political science at Virginia Tech and George Mason University.